Experience the ultimate in whole-house cleaning convenience, indoor air quality benefits and value with a central vacuum system. The Element central vacuum system works by transporting dirt, debris and dust through a simple network of tubing that runs through the walls of your home to a main power unit, usually located in a garage, basement or utility area.

Clean any surface in your home with our wide range of accessories including the unique hose management solutions of Vroom and Spot.  Make your central vacuum cleaning even easier with Vroom for quick clean-ups in high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms and Spot for specific cleaning jobs such as lint screens and litter boxes both provide easy , convenient access to powerful vacuum suction right where you need it.

Element Central Vacuums offer a dual-filtration design with cyclonic action providing consistent vacuum power.  Featuring a permanent cloth filter that never needs replaced, you will enjoy hassle-free cleaning year after year.